D-Link AX1800 Mesh Wi-Fi 6 Range Extender



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Tuotekoodi DAP-X1860/E
Valmistaja D-LINK
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D-Link DAP-X1860 AX1800 Mesh Wi-Fi 6 Range Extender, white 

Lightning fast Wi-Fi 6 throughout your home
The DAP-X1860 is a portable plug-in wireless extender that boosts your existing Wi-Fi 6 network and rids your home of pesky Wi-Fi dead zones once and for all. Place it anywhere in your home and experience high speed Wi-Fi 6 on all your connected devices.

Dual-Band AX1800
High-speed Wi-Fi 6 for all your browsing, streaming and gaming needs

Mesh Network & Smart Roaming
Create a single whole-home mesh network that auto-connects mobile devices to the strongest Wi-Fi signal

Smart Connect Technology
Automatically assigns each device to the best wireless band for optimal performance

Smart Signal Indicator
Helps you find the best location for optimal coverage

Gigabit Port
Gigabit port lets you connect a wired device to your wireless network

D-Link Wi-Fi Mesh
Works seamlessly with other D-Link Wi-Fi Mesh devices

Easy Push-Button Setup
Simply press the WPS button on your Wi-Fi extender for an effortless setup

WPA3 Encryption
The latest Wi-Fi security with WPA3 encryption

• Pair with a compatible D-Link Wi-Fi Mesh router to create a seamless mesh network
• Dual-band, with up to 1800 Mbps Wi-Fi throughout your home
• MU-MIMO Technology ensures high speeds for multiple devices simultaneously
• Latest Wi-Fi security –  WPA3™ for more protection
• Gigabit Ethernet port for wired mesh backhaul
• Sleek and discreet wall-plug design blends well into any home environment


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