Boya 2.4G Mini Wireless Microphone black



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Tuotekoodi BY-M1LV-D
Valmistaja BOYA
Maksa erissä keskimäärin noin 5,80 /kk
(Joustava erämaksu, 24 kuukauden maksuajalla KLARNA erämaksulla)
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Boya 2.4G Mini Wireless Microphone black

Designed for mobile devices, the BOYA BY-M1LV is an incredibly lightweight, ultra-compact, easy-to-use wireless microphone that delivers detailed, exceptional sound.

In this series, there are two different receivers. With a MFi Certified Lightning output, the BY-M1LV-D receiver is designed for Apple iOS devices. The BY-M1LV-U receiver has a USB-C output, making it compatible with Android smartphones, tablets, and other devices with USB-C ports.

With its built-in omnidirectional mic, the clip-on transmitter BY-M1LV-TX captures crystal clear sound from all directions. Utilizing the breakthrough two-way audio technology with ear return monitoring, users can adjust pronunciation at any time during recording and adjust tone, speed, and intonation in real time.

With gain control, headphone volume control and mute function, you are completely in control of your sound. A full power charge can provide 6 hours of battery life,so you can create content without worrying about power. The BOYA BY-M1LV system is a great solution for live streaming, content creation, mobile journalism, and more.






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