ATEN 1-Port RS-232 Secure Device Server over Ethernet Transmission



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Tuotekoodi SN3001-AX-G
Valmistaja ATEN
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ATEN Altusen SN3001 1-Port RS-232 Secure Device Server, black

ATEN Altusen SN3000 series Secure Device Servers are external IP-based network devices that securely connect legacy serial RS-232 devices to an Ethernet network to be accessed remotely from a computer located anywhere, allowing you to expand the number of serial ports for any host computer over a network.

The SN3000 series is especially suited for industrial process control applications, given the abundant use of the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems across many industries for collecting data from PLCs, meters, and sensors via serial ports. The SN3000 series bidirectionally translates data between serial and Ethernet formats, and facilitates access to the data from all data collection instruments from local and remote sites through an Ethernet network.

The SN3000 series has a number of useful operation modes. It supports secure TCP server / client, secure Real COM, and console management modes for security-critical applications, such as telecom, access control, and remote site management.

• 1 RS-232 serial port for secured serial data over Ethernet transmission
• Secured operation modes – Secure Real COM, Secure TCP Server / Client, Console Management (SSH), and Console Management Direct (SSH)
• Redundant power input (power jack and terminal block) for fail-safe power
• Surge protection for serial, Ethernet, and power

Dimensions(WxDxH): 95x117x26mm
Weight: 200g


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