A6/500 BT OnEar Headphones Burgundy



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Tuotekoodi 63085-209
Valmistaja Kygo
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Kygo A6/500, Bluetooth on-ear headphones, burgundy

Sound quality
This stylish headphone packs all the technology you need. Check the battery status directly on your iOS display and recharge easily with the micro USB cable, although you don’t have to worry about it for another 18 hours. The Kygo A6/500 uses aptX® and AAC® to make Bluetooth sound the best possible.

It’s all about design
The perfect lightweight headphones to match an urban and cool style. The super slim design with ultra soft protein leather gives you hours of your favourite tracks without any cables to get in the way.

Kygo sound app
We’ve created a new way of customizing your own sound experience. Download the app and move through Bergen, New York, Ibiza and Los Angeles. Experience sound that ressonates with the cities that have had a big influence on Kygo’s journey so far. Available for download at App Store and Google Play

• Bluetooth 4.1
• 18-hours playing time
• NFC pairing
• aptX and AAC codecs
• Microphone
• Memory foam ear cushions
• Carrying bag
• Check battery status on iOS
• Compatible with the Kygo Sound App
• Compatible with iOS and Android

Weight: 135 g






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