HDFury 4K Splitter UHD/PRO


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HD Fury Splitter 4K UHD/Pro, 1 input, 2 output, 4096×2160 60Hz, black

Splitter 4K UHD/PRO is a 2-Port DVI/HDMI splitter with integrated HDCP decryption/encryption engines, channel independant scaling engine and is compliant with HDMI Rev 1.4 and HDCP Rev 1.3 specifications. Splitter 4K UHD/PRO receives DVI/HDMI inputs, process HDCP decryption and encryption, scale up/down one or both channel and transmits the data to 2 DVI/HDMI ports.

• HD Fury Splitter 4K UHD handles all video formats down to SD (480p) and all the way up to UHD (2160p).
• Independant Upscaling and Downscaling engine embedded with 3 modes set on-the-fly via slide switch.
• 1080p24/25/30 to 4K24/25/30 or 4K24/25/30 to 1080p24/25/30, all others formats pass-through.
• Up to 4K30 4:4:4 or 4K60 4:2:0.
• 4K Image Enhancement mode with an easy one button control.
• Improved EDID Management solution with either a Custom uploaded EDID, Self generated Automix EDID or a Fixed basic EDID.
• AutoMix EDID feature will create a custom EDID by mixing both sink EDID connected to the splitter output ports.
• Custom and manual EDID utility available from the download section.
• Featuring a smart reset switch so you will never have to unplug and replug HDMI cable again, just press the reset button and HPD events is reinitialized.
• Just like any recent HDfury hardware, it comes with USB upgradable firmware that allow you to unleash furious features.

Dimensions(WxDxH): 65x49x39mm


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4K Splitter UHD/PRO