ATEN 4-Port USB HDMI Multi-View Dual Rail WideScreen LCD KVM Switch

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Tuotekoodi CL3884NW-ATA-XG
Valmistaja ATEN

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ATEN USB HDMI Multi-View Dual Rail WideScreen LCD KVM Switch with 4 ports CL3884NW, black

The ATEN CL3884NW LCD KVM Switch offers a space-saving, streamlined approach to KVM switching technology by integrating a keyboard, an 18.5 “LED backlit LCD screen and a touchpad into a 1U rack-mountable sliding housing. the keyboard and touchpad can be used independently.To save maximum space, the keyboard and touchpad can slide back to the “hiding place” when not in use, while the thin LCD screen rotates back, flat against the rack to allow smooth monitoring of computer activity.

CL3884NW has dual console inputs that ensure users real-time monitoring function. You can check both outputs to display the following display modes: Quad View, Picture in Picture (PiP), Picture by Picture (PbP), Picture on Picture (PoP). The display modes have different options for you to customize which sources are displayed. In addition, as the CL3884NW can be cascaded up to 2 levels, it can reach a maximum of 16 video sources that can be viewed simultaneously and controlled with a standalone keyboard and mouse.

CL3884NW with Boundless Switching technology, provides an intuitive method of switching to another computer by simply moving the mouse pointer over a screen edge to the target computer’s screen without restrictions. With patented ATEN technology – Video DynaSync users can get better screen resolutions and faster switching between systems. In addition, the EDID modes are available for smooth start-up, high-quality display that eliminates screen compatibility issues.

Users can choose to manage the computer from an external console for added convenience. The CL3884NW has a USB port for peripherals on the front of the device, ports for the external KVM console (USB keyboard / mouse and HDMI screen) on the back, and audio ports for connecting speakers.

As a feature-rich LCD KVM switch, the CL3884NW is not only designed to meet, but exceed the requirements of optimized space utilization, superior video quality, customizable distribution and versatility, and is especially excellent for control rooms in all industries that need efficient with limited space regardless of industry.

Multi-View consoles control up to four video sources on one screen with display modes such as Quad View, Picture in Picture (PiP), Picture by Picture (PbP) and Picture on Picture (PoP)
Integrated KVM console with 18.5 “LED backlit widescreen LCD screen






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